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Solve Education
Improving education opportunities for children throughout SE Asia

Solve Education is a Singapore based NGO occupied with providing education to children who would otherwise have no access to education. Having built a proprietary gaming platform, Solve Education allow children to access learning opportunities through smartphones.

The Solve Education team predominantly comprises software engineers and educators who have developed the learning platform and game (s). There is also a board of directors.

Janine Teo is CEO of Solve Education. She has a background in software engineering and also followed a career in marketing before beginning Solve Education. Janine is aware that while the work Solve Education is doing is different and exceptional, the way in which they are communicating their message and leveraging opportunities to promote their message are not optimal. They have already worked to upgrade and update their copy and now Solve Education would like to work with a professional to provide some thorough proof reading.

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Proof reading
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20 November (2018)

The copy on the Solve Education website and social media platforms has been written by the engineers and educators who are building the gaming platform. So, while it’s accurate and interesting, it perhaps isn’t the most engaging or marketing-relevant information that they could be communicating.

Janine would really appreciate proof reading of their copy to ensure that they are sharing the best possible information about Solve Education.

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